Technical Sessions (Day III to Day V)

Technical Sessions

The Technical Sessions will commence on Tuesday 15 March, 2022 and end on Thursday 17 March, 2022. The Technical Session will be by physical participation. Each Technical Session will be preceded by a Plenary Session. The highlights of the Plenary Presentations are presented below:

  1. Prof Precious N. Ede – The Black Soot Menace: Environmental and health implications of  un-controlled artisanal refining of hydrocarbon in the Niger Delta
  2. Prof Paulinus N. Nnabo – Reclamation and restoration of mined lands in Nigeria: Current status and challenges
  3. Environmental responsibilities for hydrocarbon and mining developments in divested fields
  4. Prof Femi Olorogonorisa – Flooding, coastal erosion and impacts of climate change in Nigeria
  5. Prof Gbenga Okunlola – Leveraging Nigerian Mineral Resources for Digital and Green Economy
  6. Prof Mosto Onuoha – Geoscience Education and Capacity Building for Professionals in the Extractive Industry.

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